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Site ADVERTISING is the most effective new marketing tool for reaching sporting goods industry professionals worldwide.  If your goal is to sell more of your product or service to the sporting goods industry, join the advertisers who have found success with our site.

With SportsOneSource, you have the option to reach these high octane, high income, highly motivated, and very active professionals through the leading trade portal serving the sporting goods industry, or you can reach them in their mailbox through the most widely distributed newsletters covering the industry. offers a cost-effective means for you as an advertiser to dramatically reduce ad spending while increasing the overall exposure you receive in the global sporting goods marketplace.  We offer you the ability to advertise to a targeted industry audience.  We aggregate the largest and most diverse range of sporting goods industry professionals through our portal and free trade newsletters.

You can take advantage of this unique opportunity to market your company's goods or services through a menu of advertising options that you can customize to suit your needs.

  • Web Site Ads are an excellent vehicle to increase traffic to your web site and maximize your Internet exposure and product recognition. will work closely with you to develop a custom Banner or Button ad, in either an animated or static format, and strategically position it on the site. Contact Us to request an eMedia Ad rate card.

  • Email New UPDATE Ads are a very economical way to reach your target audience through direct e-mail contact.  SportsOneSource offers several publications that feature ad space, including SGB Update, Outdoor Business Update, Footwear Business Update, Sportsman's Business Update and Team Business Update. Contact Us to request an eMedia Ad rate card.

  • Sponsorship opportunities are also available for the UPDATE newsletters.  Contact Us now for information on these very successful programs.

Take advantage of the latest and most comprehensive resource for sporting goods industry advertising.  Be in front of your customers every day and use this unique new medium to broaden your reach in the marketplace.  Contact Us now to realize the benefits of eMedia marketing. Our advertising consultants will send you our media kit and answer any questions.

For questions about site advertising, please e-mail us at or call us at 303.997.7302.

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